Travel Without The Kids, Guilt-Free

It seems that moms can never avoid the feeling of guilt. Either we feel guilty for eating in the closet because we don’t want to share our snacks or because we’re taking a two-week-long vacay without the kids. Whatever it is, we can’t escape that feeling. But, what we also seem to forget is that self-care is a real thing and it’s important that we are practicing it however we see fit – including traveling without the kids.

Here are some quick tips to not feel guilty when traveling without the kids:

1. Ensure That Your Kids Will be in good hands

I know, this should go without saying but I’d figure I say it anyway. I’m lucky that I can rely on my family as support to watch my son and I trust them 100%. Leaving him with people I know and trust makes leaving him much easier.

2. Have a schedule set for your child while you’re away

To avoid feeling like things are going in disarray while you’re sipping margaritas on the beach, leave your caretaker with a schedule to follow that will ensure your kids stay on track. It’s also great to keep your kids on the schedule they are used to while you’re home so things don’t seem that different while you’re away.

Bali, Indonesia

Me on my vacation in Bali, kid-free, worry-free.

Read more about my trip to Bali here

3. Make the time you have with your child before your trip intentional

I wrote a blog post about mommying with intention to avoid mom guilt, you can read that here. But basically, make sure that the weeks leading up to your trip, you are spending extra quality time with your kids. I love to go to museums with my son!

4. Tell your child that you are going on a trip

If your child is old enough to understand, I would definitely recommend telling them. Also, let them know that you won’t be gone forever but in order to be the best mom you can be, you need to take a trip.

5. Facetime or check-in with kids or caretaker daily.

Now I’m not saying call multiple times a day and disrupt your relaxing vacation, but it’s definitely okay to check in once a day. You can get peace of mind knowing that your kid is still alive and your kid will be happy to see that you didn’t completely abandon them.  

6. Bring them a little something back.

If your kid is old enough to understand gifts, then they can associate you leaving for trips to them getting a present. A win-win!

7. Remind yourself that taking a trip without the kids is a form a self-care

Us moms get so caught up taking care of everyone else, that we forget about doing what makes us happy. I like to think of motherhood as a bonus title but its not my only title. What I mean by that is before I was a mom I was simply Monique. And Monique loved to vacation and even take solo trips. My desire to vacation didn’t end when I became a mother. And let’s face it, we would love to bring our kids with us everywhere but sometimes we need a break from them…and that’s okay!

Okay so now you’re ready to kiss your kids goodbye, fill up your passport with stamps, and not feel guilty doing it.

Stay flourishin

♡ Monique

2 thoughts on “Travel Without The Kids, Guilt-Free”

  1. We just canceled our first post kids trip without them because of COVID, but I was feeling some major guilt about leaving them at home. It is really important to get some time without them to maintain your sanity!

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