Ten Hours In Singapore

Sounds crazy, I know, but the rush of trying to see as much as we could before our flight left was somewhat exciting. We ate, went to Gardens By the Bay, and enjoyed some lattes with our face on it all in only ten hours in Singapore!

Okay, let’s rewind to before any flights were booked. Originally, my sis-in-law and I booked our trip to Bali followed by our Airbnb. Howeverrrrr, about 3 or so weeks before our trip I happened to be scrolling on Skyscanner and saw that flights from Bali to Singapore and back were cheap, like $100 cheap. I couldn’t resist but since we had already booked our flight and stays in Bali, we had to make the trip to Singapore a quick one! Still worth it but if anything it was like a teaser or a preview and I will definitely be back. Keep reading to see how we made the best of our ten hours in Singapore.

Ten Hours In Singapore

10 am – Let The Adventure Begin

We wasted no time and as soon as we landed at around 10 am, we bought a day pass for the train and asked a local how to get to Gardens by the Bay. In awe by the beautiful skyscrapers, we quickly made our way to the gardens. We purchased a pass that allowed us to go to the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

Ten Hours In Singapore

It was absolutely beautiful, I was in heaven. If you haven’t caught on yet, I love all things nature so I was in true bliss, rushing, but still happy. I definitely plan to come back with my son!

1:15 pm – 3 Hours In Singapore

We boarded the train to our next destination and made it to the Kampong Glam area. We explored the area a bit before finding a ramen restaurant to eat at that had views of the Sultan Mosque. After eating we bought a few souvenirs for our family from the neighboring gift shops and made our way to the Selfie Cafe where you take a selfie and they print it on your coffee! After eating our faces…🤨 we explored the area a bit more and then went back to the train station.

4:05 pm – 6 Hours In Singapore

At this time we made it back to the airport, which is connected to a mall! It should go without saying but we went shopping! I bought some Airpods and then we checked out the Jewel Waterfall in the middle of the mall. The Jewel Waterfall also happens to be the world’s largest indoor waterfall. We didn’t spend too long in the shopping center because we wanted to make our way to the airport lounge. Yes, I’m that person that arrives at the airport hours before my flight leaves to eat and get tipsy in the lounge.

The Singapore lounge was one of the best lounges I ever been in. And let’s just say it made for a very entertaining 2 and a half hour flight back to Bali at around 8:45 pm. Be sure to subscribe to read more about how I travel in style and have access to the best lounges in the airport.

So there you have it, ten hours in Singapore. Definitely possible but I would obviously still recommend staying longer! 

Safe travels! ✈️  

Ten Hours In Singapore

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