Shark Fin Cove: Gorgeous California Coast Beach

Looking for a gorgeous beach that’s not overly crowded? Shark Fin Cove is where you need to go. Shark Fin Cove is a beautiful beach located off the Highway 1 coast in Davenport, California. Driving to the beach is also a sight to see as you can enjoy the beautiful coastal views of California. This beach is perfect to add to your coastal road trip and is worth seeing.

shark fin cove

Upon arrival, you will park along the side of the road in the designated parking area. After you park, you will need to walk a few minutes where you will pass the railroad tracks and witness the breathtaking views of Shark Fin Cove beach. Before you hike down to the beach, you can go right and enjoy the views from up top.

To get to the actual beach you’ll have to hike down a rocky path. Be careful, take your time, and be on the lookout for poison oak. My 2-year-old son was able to do it but just went at a slow pace. The hike down is only about 10-15 minutes. As of Spring 2020, the beach had collected quite a bit of trash upon making it to the sand. There is a small water flow that makes a ‘pond’ where people apparently threw their trash, resulting in a not so pleasant smell. But after you pass the trash, you can completely take in the beauty of the beach.

Shark Fin Cove: Gorgeous California Coast Beach
Shark Fin Cove: Gorgeous California Coast Beach

On the left is the infamous cave where you can see the Shark Fin peaking through. The outer part of the cave is covered in graffiti but once you enter the cave, nature takes over and you can feel the mist of the ocean. If the tide is high you won’t be able to go all the way in the cave without getting wet. If you do make it through the tunnel, be careful of falling rocks from off the cave. I almost got hit in the head twice while at the beach.

On the right side of the beach, you can enjoy greater views of the Pacific Ocean. Bonfires are allowed at this beach so be careful for any leftover wood. When I visited, it was apparent that someone was burning wood with nails in it so we had to be careful where we walked. The beach is flat and great for picnics or even a great beach workout. It was quite windy when I went so be careful with your little ones as the sand may get in their eyes.

Shark Fin Cove: Gorgeous California Coast Beach

There are no restrooms, showers or shops nearby so be prepared when you come. Santa Cruz is only a short drive away from this beach if you need any essentials. I wouldn’t recommend swimming at this beach as the waves can be pretty intense and there are so many rocks that could possibly lead to injury if you swam here.

Shark Fin Cove is an amazing place to experience.

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