Road Trip With A Toddler

Parents Guide for a Successful Road Trip

Planning an upcoming road trip with your toddler but not sure how they will do? I went on two road trips in one week with my 2-year-old son. How did we survive you ask? Answers below!

If you haven’t already noticed, traveling is one of my passions; I love to go anywhere and EVERYWHERE. Being that I am a mother, naturally, I want my child to share my passion. But I’m not going to lie, I have been nervous to take him on any trip that will take longer than an hour to get there. All I could picture was multiple breakdowns and tantrums leading to pulling the car over every hour. But to my surprise, he did great! And when I say great I mean great for his age 😂. There were a few times when he would get anxious but that’s expected. However, I believe that we were completely prepared and that subsided any mishaps that could have happened.

road trip with a toddler

Here is my list of the essentials to do when on a road trip with a toddler:

1. Leave late at night or around bedtime

We left at 1 am for our 6-hour road trip to Southern California. This was probably the greatest idea I could offer for going on a road trip with a toddler. HE SLEPT THE WHOLE WAY! I honestly didn’t think he would because he had to sleep in his car seat but to my surprise, he didn’t wake up once! What I believed helped was that we got him extremely tired beforehand and made sure his tummy was nice and full; the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep in the car.

2. Bring an iPad, tablet, phone or whatever other electronic devices that plays video and has games

The night before I downloaded a few of my son’s favorite movies and tv shows from Netflix and Disney+. This. Was. A. Life-Saver. My son would watch movies/play games on his iPad in about one-hour time blocks and it gave me some peace of mind knowing that he was occupied for the time being. If you don’t allow your children to watch television or they don’t have a tablet, then bring their favorite activities that you know they can occupy themselves with for a while. For me, the iPad is the only activity that my son will do alone – everything else he wants me to join him.


Who doesn’t love food, better yet, what toddler doesn’t love food? Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Food is the major key here. We had a bag full of goodies. From chips, juice, candy, and fruit. I made sure to pack a bunch of things that my son would actually be happy to eat and it worked like a charm. He happily ate half a bag of a family size bag of chips and I wasn’t even trippin’. He was content so I was happy.

There were a few times on the way home where he did get antsy and none of the above tips seemed to work. Times like those we would pull over and we would all stretch our legs out!

These past two road trips have taught me that my son may be ready for longer travel time after all. Learning this was extremely good news to me because I would love to travel with my son more and not knowing how he would handle the travel time was the only thing holding me back.

Here’s to more family vacations! 💚

To read more about my mom life hacks and adventures, check out the rest of my blog!

Stay flourishing!

♡ Monique

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