Regaining Focus And Drive When Losing Motivation

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It happens to all of us. That feeling when you have no desire or energy for the things you were once excited about. Maybe it’s writer’s block if you’re a blogger or having one too many cheat days if you’re attempting to change the way you eat. Either way, lack of motivation affects us all every now and again and it’s completely normal. I will walk you through what I do when I feel like I’m losing track of my goals.

What is or was motivating you in the first place?

Are you wanting to drink a gallon of water a day because you see everyone else doing it or because you genuinely want to improve your overall health? Do you want to go to college because your mom wants you to go or is your desire to obtain a degree coming internally? These are important questions to ask yourself as you think about your goals. Often times if you’re losing the spark and motivation you once had for a goal, it could be because the goal wasn’t originally created by you in the first place.

As human beings, we are heavily influenced by the people in our lives and social norms. It’s easy for the lines of what you truly believe in to get blurred with what society is telling you you should believe.

The first step to re-motivate yourself is to figure out your ‘why’. Once you determine this, you can really focus on the goal itself. 


One of the biggest reasons that I lose motivation is because I become distracted. Either I have too many goals I’m trying to focus on at once or my life is pulling me in all different directions making it difficult to focus on any goals at all. One of the goals that I have had on and off consistency with is attempting to drink a gallon of water a day. For some reason, this goal is extremely hard for me to keep up. I get so frustrated at the end of the day when I realized that I haven’t accomplished the goal…again and end up losing focus altogether. This loss of focus leads to a lack of motivation which eventually leads to me giving up on the goal altogether.

  • Goal mapping and planning

I goal map (the act of planning out your short-term and long term goals and breaking down how you will accomplish those goals) and plan at the end of every quarter. If you’re not familiar with breaking your year down into quarters; Q1 is January to the end of March, Q2 is April to the end of June, Q3 is July to the end of September, and Q4 is October to the end of December. Breaking down the year this way makes the bigger goals more achievable because you’ve been planning all year how you will get there!

  • Create a visual to remind you daily of your goal

Whether it’s a short term goal or a long term goal, having a visual representation can help you stay focused. I take advantage of the ‘Reminders’ app on my iPhone. I have 4 separate reminders that alert me at different times throughout the day to drink water. For other goals, I also use a whiteboard, sticky notes, and a planner to write out my goals. I’ve even seen people write on their bathroom mirror so that they can see their goals first thing in the morning. If you’re into visuals, these tools will help you stay focused.


What’s the use of friends and family if they don’t hold you accountable and call you out when you’re declining? No, but really though, the people in our circle are great to tell our goals to because they can hold us accountable when we start falling off. Now I’m not saying you have to tell every friend and family member your business but maybe just tell the ones you know will check-in with you when you start slipping. People were meant to operate in a community setting so there is no use in trying to do everything by yourself, including holding yourself accountable to your goals.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Birds of the same feather flock together right? So say you’re wanting to enter a fitness competition and in order to do well in the competition, you must eat clean and train daily. However, if your typical group of friends eats McDonald’s every day and the only time they see a gym is when they’re driving past it on the way home, you may need to reevaluate your time. I’m not saying to completely leave those friends but surrounding yourself with people with similar goals can make attaining them that much easier. I actually wrote a blog post about how friendship loss and switching up your circle isn’t always a negative thing.

If you found another social group of people that also had fitness or nutrition goals, you all can hold each other accountable and will most likely be engaging in the same activities. They may also know of other individuals that can help you attain your goals – leading to an awesome network technique!

Don’t give up

If you have been following the tips above and still haven’t achieved the goal, don’t give up! If anything you can recreate the goal or break it into smaller achievable goals. And it’s also never a bad idea to take a break. Sometimes our brains just need to rest.

In summary

  • Determine motivating factors – what kept you driven in the first place?
  • Focus – make use of visuals and goal mapping to maintain focus on the goal
  • Accountability – tell your people your goals so that when you’re feeling down and unmotivated, they will know why and can encourage you to keep working
  • Surround yourself with like-minded individuals – having a social group of people with similar goals, makes the goals easier to attain because 2 heads are better than 1!
  • Don’t give up – sometimes we do just need to take a break or recreate your goals whichever one, don’t give up!

Thank you for reading!

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