Productive Habits to Start Your Morning

Are you not a morning person or just looking to start your day on a more positive note, keep reading to see the habits that I have formed over the years to ensure that I start my morning right.

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Wake up early

In order to actually have a productive morning, you have to wake up! I have always been a morning person so waking up early is easy for me. I usually wake up between 5 am and 7 am, depending on what I have to do that day. I usually just use the clock app on my iPhone and wake up to the sounds of my favorite songs.

If you’re not a morning person and have a difficult time waking up, then I suggest that you set an alarm starting at a later time in the am like 10, and then work your way down earlier and earlier.

Meditate & Stretch

This is something new that I have been incorporating into my morning routine and it has really made my mornings more productive. I’m new to meditation but when I do I really try to focus on my breathing and relaxing. After 10 minutes or so of deep breaths and mind relaxation, I incorporate some stretching. I work out almost every day so it’s crucial that I stretch but even if you don’t work out, stretching is still great for flexibility and balance that everyone needs!

Daily Affirmations

This is my favorite part of the morning. A few years ago when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I took it upon myself to practice self-care instead of using medication. One of the things that I tried was using self-affirmations to ‘hype myself up’. I would look in the mirror and literally tell myself that I loved myself until I believed it, and it worked.

I have said my daily affirmations in the mirror on and off throughout the years but I always find myself the happiest when I am reciting them. Some things I say to myself are: you are beautiful, strong, and capable, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, you are aware of the things you cannot change and accept that you are not always going to be happy, you accept and feel every emotion, even the bad ones, and strive to remain positive.

Drink water

Drink it. It’s good for you. Drinking water when you wake up is essential to hydrate the body after you have been asleep for hours.

Work Out

If you have time, working out in the morning is a great way to get your body moving and get those happy endorphins released. In the gym, at home or outdoors, working out for at least 30 minutes has amazing health benefits as well – as you probably already know. I’m personally a gym kinda girl because I love weight-lifting but I usually don’t have time to go in the mornings.


I always feel smarter after I read. Either articles or books, reading is definitely part of getting my brain juices flowing. Some books that I have been reading are ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama and ‘Dear Female Founder’ by Lu Li.

As a mom, entrepreneur and a 9-5 worker, my days are busy. Starting my morning right and productive really sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

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