My Birth Story: A Scheduled C-Section

birth story

My entire pregnancy was smooth, no complications, no drama. I passed my glucose test and baby wasn’t showing any signs of distress. It wasn’t until it came closer to my due date when they were concerned that he was still breached. I really wanted a vaginal birth so I was trying all the wives’ tales to get him to flip and none of them worked.

A few weeks before my due date, I opted for an external cephalic version or ECV. An EVC is when your doctor or OB uses their hands to physically turn the baby in the birthing position from the outside. This doesn’t hurt the baby at all but is VERY painful for mama. I was almost in tears as the doctor tried several times to move my son. Not only was I emotional from the pain, but I was sad because I was going to have to get a C-section.
Every time the doctor when push on my son for a few minutes, he would check the ultrasound only to discover my son didn’t move an inch! Stubborn already…So a scheduled C-Section it was. We settled for June 28th, 2017.

On that day we had to be at the hospital at 6 am but I was up since 4 am. We checked into the hospital and they put me in a smaller room to monitor Kyrie’s heartbeat and put an IV in my arm. They did an ultrasound and said that Kyrie may be head down now by the way his heartbeat sounded. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have a C-section and I could return home. They checked and it turned out he was still breached.

Next, I walked over to the OR to prepare for the C-Section. They had me sit on this table so they could administer the epidural but it was so high up! I mean I’m tall and I have long legs but I was also pregnant and it was extremely hard for me to climb on that table. They had me practice arching my back before they stuck me. They had me lay down and I started to feel really nervous because I was alone and all the nurses are just busy getting ready for delivery. I was also nervous that the medication wouldn’t work since I have had the scoliosis corrective surgery. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that can be fixed by placing metal rods and screws in your spine to straighten it out. I have heard stories that the metal rods could prevent the medication from being absorbed properly.

They gave me some medicine to calm my anxiety and a bag to throw up in since I was feeling nauseous. They then pinched me to make sure the medicine was working, which it did after that tilted me up and down to get it to flow down my spine. After this, my partner finally joined me.

When they finally made the incision, I felt it but it didn’t hurt. It just felt like tugging, pulling and pressure. Minutes later they pulled my son out and said he peed and pooped on his way out. I didn’t see him until a few minutes later because they had to stitch me up and clean my son up.

When I finally looked over and seen him, I was a little shocked. His legs were stuck up to the sides of his face! The nurses said it was because he was in the breech position for son long but it should go down in a couple of days. They brought him over to me when they were done cleaning him up to breastfeed. He latched immediately and ate for a few minutes. We then took a family photo and they rolled me out to the OR. The rest of my family met him after we were in our room.

I got nooooo sleep the entire hospital stay, from the doctors and nurses coming in every hour to cluster feeding my son. I was encouraged to walk that night that my son was delivered. It was hard at first but it was better than laying in the hospital bed. TMI but I also pooped that night too and it didn’t even hurt…

We only stayed to nights and left June 30th, 2017. They asked if we wanted to stay another night but I was ready to go!

We arrived home on that sunny summer day and it’s been memories ever since! I hope you enjoyed my Labor & Delivery story! I would love to hear your stories in the comments! Did you have a vaginal delivery, C-Section, Emergency C-Section, VBAC???

I video documented my entire pregnancy and recorded a labor and delivery story after I gave birth. If you’re more into videos, you can watch that below! Be sure to also check out more of my mom stories here!

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