Montara State Beach

montara state beach

Montara State Beach is a beautiful beach located along the California coast along Highway 1. This beach is only 8 miles north of Half Moon Bay and 20 miles south of San Francisco. This beautiful beach is a must-see if you are driving along Highway 1 in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Montara state beach

There are two entrances to Montara State Beach. The first entrance is closer to the Montara Mountain Trail and across the street from Ocean View Farms. Once you arrive, you’ll enter a fairly small parking lot. The parking lot only fits about 30 cars. I’ve seen many people park across the street or closer to the trail and walk down. 

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The second parking lot is about .5 mile south and is even smaller. However, you can usually circle around the first parking lot a few times and find a park.

There is a small and slightly challenging walk down to the beach if you parked in the first parking lot (the larger one) The stairs are blocked off so you have to walk down a narrow trail to get to the beach. If you have a lot of bags with you and small children, I suggest making multiple trips. I came with my 2-year-old son and had to hold his hand tight as we walked down so he wouldn’t slide down the mountain. 

If you’re not up for the adventure down the trail, parking in the smaller parking lot next to La Costanera, you’ll be able to take stairs. 

Montara state beach

Once you’ve made it to the beach, you’ll enjoy views of the pacific ocean, surfers, and many families having a great time. There are also trails around the beach that offer spectacular views. 

Keep in mind that there are no restrooms at the beach and no campfires permitted. The waves can also get pretty intense so be mindful to not let your children venture too far!

Montara state beach

Happy adventures and be sure to check out more of my adventures around the San Francisco Bay Area!

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