Menstrual Cups: For A Sustainable Period And Future

menstrual cups

This post is sponsored by Saalt, a menstrual cup company that offers organic silicon cups. Read more of my review below, all opinions are my own.

Fyi: this post contains period talk, let’s remove the stigma around talking about our cycles. They are natural and it is not taboo, join the conversation.

Ladies, this post is just for you…let’s talk menstrual cups. Hear me out before you get grossed out and click away! Menstrual cups are made out of silicon and are used like a tampon but it collects the blood instead of absorbing it. They are reusable and pretty simple to learn how to use. When inserted correctly, the cup forms a seal in your vagina so no blood escapes. You can use the cups for up to 12 hours and after that, you simply dump the blood, rinse, and reinsert! 

If you have been on the fence about switching over to more sustainable products during your period, hopefully, I can convince you to take the leap! I’ll first start by telling you a brief history of my cycle trials and tribulations. Then I will tell you all the benefits of using menstrual cups. And if you’re sold on a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ll give you a discount code so we can save our planet together! 

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My History And Why I No Longer Wear Tampons

Menstrual Cups
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My flow has always been heavy. When I was young, I would go through maxi pad after maxi pad. Finally, when I was in college I began using tampons and they were a lifesaver, so I thought. After I had my son my period got weird and unpredictable. I had the hormonal IUD inserted after I had my son but something wasn’t right so I had it removed. After a few months of deciding which birth control to go with, I settled on the copper IUD, no hormones involved. However, this made my period even heavier. 

I was going through the super+ tampons like it was water on a hot day. Not only was keeping up with all the tampons I was using expensive but they aren’t good for our environment. Tampons and pads pollute our waterways every year at a tremendous rate. Even though tampons are ‘designed’ to be flushed in the toilet many pipelines simply can’t handle that and it causes these products to end up in the ocean!

Not only do these products trash our planet but many of the products contain chemicals and pesticides! Why would we want to put CHEMICALS into our sacred palace! I was doing it for years and finally LISTENED to my body, looked at our planet, and I stopped. Although many tampon and pad companies claim they do not add any harmful chemicals to these products, they do! In fact, many of these companies are ‘approved’ by the FDA but still aren’t required to list the ingredients on the label. I don’t know about you but this seems suspicious to me.

In May 2020 I finally decided to try a menstrual cup. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I am never going back to tampons.

Why You Should Begin Using Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups
Picture via Saalt on Instagram

As I mentioned previously but will gladly mention again, menstrual cups are good for our planet. 

They are reusable and are usually made of silicon with no harsh chemicals

Menstrual cups are sustainable so you can reuse the same cup over and over again. 

There is no odor because the blood is not exposed to the air!

There are a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most vaginas.

You can’t feel it’s inside once inserted correctly!

Many companies such as Saalt, donate a portion of their revenue to help girls around the world with period education and products. 

Menstrual cups save you money in the long run.

Yes, there’s a whole lot of good that comes with menstrual cups, but what about the drawbacks? I’d be lying to you if I said there weren’t any but nothing is perfect right?

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using Menstrual Cups

There is a learning curve: You may not get the hang on inserting the cup correctly until a few cycles in. This means you risk leaking so be sure to also wear a panty liner or pad as you are getting used to the cup. 

It can get messy: Since the menstrual cups collect the blood, you’ll need to empty the blood when you remove it. If you’re at home this is not a problem as you can dump the blood in the toilet, wash it in the sink, and reinsert. When in public, you may not be able to wash it in the sink. I’ve heard many women say they bring a water bottle into the restroom to rinse the cup with. Others have said that they just dump, reinsert, and use a wipe. 

Also, before inserting the cup, you’ll need to make sure your hands are clean since they will be guiding the cup in your vagina. This also means that you may have blood on your hands that you’ll need to wash off. 

Get Your Menstrual Cup Today

Menstrual Cups
Picture via Saalt on Instagram

Are you convinced? Menstrual cups have been around longer than tampons and are key to a more sustainable future. If you want to keep the earth’s water blue and grass green, get your menstrual cup today from Saalt!

Saalt is a menstrual cup company that offers organic silicon cups. The encourage period talk and educate women around the world. They also put 2% of their revenue towards menstrual education and menstrual cups for girls and women around the world. How could you not want to make the switch?

Menstrual cups are good for our planet and our bodies. They can be intimidating at first but after a few cycles, you’ll be a pro! Stay tuned to read more about my first months using a menstrual cup!

Stay flourishin’ beautiful people! 

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