Lake Chabot Regional Park: A East Bay Gem

What’s better than a regional park in Northern California? A regional park with some history! Lake Chabot, located at 17600 Lake Chabot Road in Castro Valley, California,  was built in 1874 as a water resource for the San Francisco Bay Area. Almost 100 years after it was built, it was finally opened for the recreational use of the public. I’m pretty sure the water is no longer considered a water source since there are signs everywhere around the park stating that there are toxins in the water. That means no swimming and definitely no drinking this man-made lake’s water.

lake chabot

However, if not drinking the water wasn’t a deal-breaker, you will be pleasantly surprised with this well-maintained regional park. The park is open from 6 am to 7 pm most days depending on when the sun is setting. The parking fee is $5 per car and dogs are $2 to enter. Most people just park along the street right before the entrance of the park. If you plan to walk anyway once inside of the park, what’s an extra couple of feet right?

The hiking trails in this regional park add up to over 20 miles of pure bliss. For the most part, the park is wheelchair and stroller approved up until the trails.

After you pay for parking and park your car you will find that you can go one of two ways. Either the most eastern trail, that will immediately begin your hike around the lake with some picnic areas along the way, or the western part of the lake that has all the parks amenities.

lake chabot
lake chabot

At Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, you can enjoy boating, fishing, and lake tours. There are restrooms and even a cafe where you can purchase food for yourself and food for the fish you’re about to catch. However, if you do plan on fishing here, I would recommend checking out their page to read the full guidelines, regulations, and fees.

If you want to host a party here and take advantage of the picnic areas, be sure to reserve one in advance. You can visit their website or call 1-888-EBPARKS. If you don’t want to reserve a picnic area, there are still plenty of seating areas as well as tables to enjoy your lunch.

lake chabot

This regional park is perfect for an all-day outing. Bring some lunch and a blanket to enjoy a picnic with a view of the lake, some hiking shoes to explore the regional park, and if you’re up to it, you can rent a boat and enjoy an afternoon on the lake. There are also many open grassy fields at the entrance of the park to play some sports or practice yoga.

To read more about Lake Chabot Regional Park, check out their website here!

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I hope this has helped to plan your next trip to Lake Chabot!

Stay flourishin’!

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