Finding Your Passion: Some Inspiration to Pursue Your Dreams featuring Michaela Shelton

Today’s blog post is partnering with Michaela Shelton, the creator of Reckless Behavior The Series

The journey to finding your passion can be an eventful one or maybe you’ve always known. Maybe you had to do some exploring and experimenting or maybe you’ve loved the same things since you were a child. Nevertheless, your passion is closely related to your purpose in life and should be part of your self-care routine!

My Background To Finding My Passion

When I first entered the work world, I knew that I didn’t like being told what to do. Not that I had a problem with authority, I just didn’t like the idea of someone bossing me around. When I entered supervisor positions, I thought I solved my workplace issues. However, I discovered that I didn’t like to tell others what to do either. 

And A New Blogger Was Born

So I finally pondered the idea of entrepreneurship. Being my own boss and setting my own rules sounded like a fantasy. But what kind of business would I have? I knew I wanted to incorporate a business that allowed me to do everything I loved; travel, workout, and be a bomb mom. Thus, my blogging career began. 

I was excited as I finally figured out what I was going to do with my life for the time being. My passion for travel and wellness turned into inspiring and helping others through my blog and social media. Becoming a blogger aligned with my morals and allowed me to continue to do EVERYTHING I loved and get paid for it! I plan to continue pursuing my dreams and following my passion to see where it takes me! 

Michaela’s Journey To Pursuing Her Passion

finding your passion
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Michaela Shelton, the creator of Reckless Behavior The Series. And as it turns out, she didn’t always know she wanted to pursue becoming a producer. However, it is now currently one of her passions that she is living out through her web series.

Read more about my interview with Michaela below to learn what inspired her to create her web series. Also, read about what keeps her motivated to continue pursuing her passion. 

What inspired you to create Reckless Behavior – was being a producer always your passion?

What inspired me to create Reckless Behavior was my life after college. After getting my bachelor’s degree, I thought my life was going to be perfect – a dream job, marriage, children, a house with a picket fence LOL. But I quickly realized that life doesn’t work that way, so I wanted to share my experiences with other millennials so they could know that they are not alone in the struggle. I wasn’t inspired to become a producer until I saw my first web series and wrote a review for it in 2018. Prior to that, I always aspired to become a published author (which I still plan to do in the future).

What are your goals with the series and any plans for where you want to take it in the future?

My goal for the series is to produce a second season that explores deeper themes that affect Black millennials. After season 2 comes out, I plan to move on and produce other content.

What do you intend your audience to take from the series or learn?

Ultimately, I want my audience to learn that it is perfectly normal and okay to go through trials and tribulations. By watching the series, I want them to know that they shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

What motivates you to keep going – were there times when you wanted to quit?

What motivates me to keep going is the amount of feedback and support I have gotten. When I embarked on this journey, I had no idea that season one would be received so positively so it made me confident in my talent and made me want to keep sharing my story. There were definitely times where I’ve gotten frustrated and wanted to quit. However, I always remember that my hard work is going to pay off.

How do you handle ‘haters’ or family and friends that don’t support you?

When people are non- supportive, I try to just let it roll off my back and not let it discourage me. I can be sensitive at times, but I know that if I am going to be successful, I have to get used to haters. Not everyone is going to be a fan of my work or believe in me and that’s okay. I focus on those that do and stay positive!

To read more about Michaela and her series, be sure to check out the Queen Media Collective website and follow Michaela on all her social media platforms

finding your passion

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  1. It can certainly be hard to handle ‘haters’ for sure! I’ve found many aren’t very supportive when you tell them you are starting a blog not because they are against it, but because they simply don’t know what it is. I know I certainly didn’t grasp the full concept of what a blog actually is until my wife and I decided to start one!

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