How to Successfully Work From Home

work from home

If you’ve never worked from home and don’t know how you’ll possibly be productive with all the distractions that your home entails, I’m giving you some quick tips that I implement to ensure I get my work done. I have been working from home on and off for the past two years and I have gathered some hacks that allow me to get my work done at home. 

1. Stick to your usual schedule

To really create the going-to-work mindset, you must set the tone and that includes waking up at the time you would usually if you were going to work. I would also suggest changing out of your pajamas. You don’t necessarily have to change into work clothes but just change into anything that you wouldn’t sleep in. Eat breakfast and brush your teeth then get to work.

2. Set up a work station similar to that at your workplace

Do not, I repeat, do not work in your bed. That is way tooooo relaxed and you may just end up falling asleep. I like to set up my work station in my dining room. If forces me to leave my comfy bed and get into work mode. My table is set up similar to my desk at work with all my essentials within arms reach.

3. Take breaks

If you were physically at your workplace you would often take breaks and of course, take your lunch; and that is no different at home! Make sure you are taking breaks periodically to stretch, move around, and eat. I personally like to take a quick break every 2 hours. Since my job requires a ton of computer work, I am always looking at a screen and straining my neck so it’s important that I take breaks often. I’ll go outside for a quick walk or just get a snack and scroll in IG for a bit.

4. Ergonomics

On that note of straining your neck, make sure you have an appropriate chair and desk or table to ensure you’re not working in awkward positions. I sometimes raise my laptop on a few books when I feel like my neck is tiring out. I’ll even put my computer on the bar we have in the kitchen and stand up and work. There are also a ton of tools that you can invest in to ensure you’re taking care of your body.

5. Don’t overwork

It’s easy to blur the boundary between work life and home life when you’re working from home. To make that boundary clear, turn off your work phone and computer when the workday is over. That way, you won’t even see a work email until it’s time for you to work again. Also, other coworkers may assume that since you’re working from home, you have more time on your hands, and although that is true in some ways (saving time on the commute to work), you shouldn’t be obligated to take on more tasks. Don’t be afraid to speak up and reach out to your supervisor if the workload is becoming too much.

Working from home definitely has its pros and cons but all-in-all, I love it!

Good luck working remotely!

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work from home

Stay flourishin’

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