How To Spend Six Days In Bali, Indonesia

If you haven’t already read my blog post about what you should know before you travel to Bali, Indonesia, you can read that here. I share my top tips that are extremely helpful to help make your trip more enjoyable – I wrote about transportation, food, and other useful tips.

Rent and Ride a Motorbike

Eat at Local Warungs

Traditional Balinese meal: rice, tempe, topu, vegetable, chicken, crackers and corn cake.

nusa, penida, Bali, Indonesia

Check Out The Waterfalls

We went to Gianyar to look at the Tegenungan Waterfall. At that moment, we realized that the whole Island of Bali, Indonesia was an enormous workout. I mean we started sweating BEFORE we even walked outside! Walking to the waterfall was fine because it was downhill but the hike up was a completely different story.

See Some Animals

Bali Safari & Marine Park. We were told that it was really like a safari and that the animals just roam around while you’re in the car. This was probably the most disappointing destination out of our whole trip. It was basically a zoo with slightly bigger exhibits that could be driven through for tours but was just as depressing as any other zoo. If I knew that ahead of time, I would have never spent IDR 800,000 or about $57 USD on this place. I heard it’s better at night because the nocturnal animals, such as the tiger, are more active but I wouldn’t recommend this place…I mean unless this is your thing. I made the best of it and snapped a picture with mym lioness sister but after that, I was ready to go. If you’re looking to see some animals in their true natural habitat, then go to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Bali Safari & Marine Park, Bali, Indonesia

The monkey forest was next on our list and only cost IDR 80,000 to enter which is roughly $5.59 USD. Needless to say, it was worth it. The monkeys are wild and roam free. They only hang out at the Monkey Forest because the workers provide food for them there. Keep in mind that the monkeys will jump on you or try and take your items like sunglasses or any food you may have on you. The best thing to do in these situations is to not panic and follow the rules of the Monkey Forest.

The Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Since we were there so early, there was no entry fee and we were practically the only ones there. We took some bomb pics and explored the infamous terrace uninterrupted by other tourists. A local that appeared to be working asked us if we wanted a picture – we assumed that he wanted a picture with us. We quickly discovered that nothing’s free and after we took the picture he asked for IDR 20,000 lol.

Aloha Swing

Our driver had suggested that we go to this one over the Bali Swing because it was cheaper and basically the same experience – the only difference is the backdrop. Again, being that we left so early, we were the first ones there and didn’t have to wait in any lines to swing. We bought package A for IDR 350,000 and that included unlimited swings on one side of the attraction. The staff were super friendly and will offer to take amazing photos of you on your phone. So if you’re traveling solo, no worries, your insta feed is secured.

The Udaya Resorts & Spa

We made reservations about a month in advance and had to pay half of the fees online before arriving. When we arrived we had a little time before our appointment so we went upstairs to enjoy a delicious a-la-carte style breakfast. When it’s time for your appointment, they bring you downstairs to the spa, give you some ginger tea to drink, and then lead you to your room with a private bathroom and shower. They give you about 7 minutes before the complimentary photographer enters your room to take pictures of you. After about a 10 minute photoshoot, you’re free to enjoy the bath for as long as you like. I only stayed in for about 20 minutes but it was definitely an experience to remember.

Go On A Boat Ride

We started this day earlier than usual, 3:30 am to be exact lol. Early, but it was worth it. We had to be up so early so that we could take the 1 hour and a half drive to the northern part of the island, Singaraja, and see the dolphins swim in the Bali sea (you can only see the dolphins so early because the temperature is lower). Upon arriving at the beach, we were instructed to walk in the shallow water to our boat.
It was about a 30-minute boat ride until we were deep enough in the ocean where the action was. Surrounding us were tons of other boats and people hoping to experience the same thing.

There’s something special about seeing an animal in their natural habitat, happy and as free as can be. It took a while to actually see some dolphins. It appeared that all the boat drivers were communicating with one another on where they spotted the dolphins and all the boats would speed to the location. Of course, by the time we arrived at the spotted dolphin site, they were long gone but chasing them was a game in itself. When we were finally able to see the dolphins, it was brief but truly amazing. I 10/10 recommend including this on your Bali, Indonesia trip. It’s a unique experience that isn’t overcrowded with tourists, in fact, many of the passengers were Balinese! It’s also very relaxing to enjoy the sunrise on a boat in the warm Bali weather, however, if you get seasick easily I wouldn’t advise you to do this. The waters are rocky, making the small speed boat jerk and rock very frequently.

Go Trekking (Hiking)

We went hiking to Munduk waterfall in Banjar. It was a little chillier here compared to the rest of the island so I had my light jacket on as we navigated through the beautiful forest. Being that we made it to the waterfall pretty early, there was no entry fee and no tourists. We snapped a few pictures and enjoyed the freezing water before heading back to the car.

Munduk waterfall in Banjar, Bali, Indonesia

Go To The Temples

We headed to the Ulun Danu Temple. I’m not sure how much the entry fee was because our driver paid but our ticket also included a ticket to the buffet inside the temple. Once inside, we explored the massive grounds and took some pictures. There were many school children there for a field trip and the temple even had a playground for them. The buffet was okay, it was traditional Balinese food but I’ve had better.

Bali, Indonesia

Eat Dinner On The Beach And Watch The Sunset

I chose to eat at a restaurant called La Brisa because they had tables and bean bag chairs set up right on the beach! It’s all about aesthetic right? Not gonna lie, service was pretty slow but I was enjoying watching the sunset so I didn’t really mind.

Bali, Indonesia

After watching the sunset and eating on the beach, I decided to walk back to the Airbnb – about 50 minutes. I hadn’t had the chance to really walk around and I figured since the sun was down, it wouldn’t be so hot. Everything was going fine until about 20 minutes into the walk when I almost died…seriously though, I thought I was going to bleed out and then pass out in the Bali streets. Allow me to explain. I was walking through some grass trying to cross the street when I stubbed my toe on a cement block. Doesn’t sound so bad right? WRONG! When I first looked at my toe it seemed fine; a small cut and a little blood but I kept walking. Seconds later, I felt my foot get warm and my Birkenstocks seemed sticky. I looked down at my foot a noticed that the whole sandal was full of blood! And since it was so hot, it was becoming sticky – gross I know. I started to freak out a little because I’ve never seen so much blood come out of my body before. I quickly asked a local ice cream shop for some paper towels to stop the bleeding and thankfully noticed a pharmacy a couple of blocks away to buy some band-aids. And just my luck, there was a spa that had showers and soap in the bathrooms so I was able to wash my foot off. Let’s just say, I left a piece of me in Bali. I finally limped my way back to the Airbnb and went to sleep.

Go To Nusa Penida Island

Our driver took us to Denpasar to board a boat that was going to take us to Nusa Penida Island. The boat left around 10:30 am and we made it to the island around 11 am. This infamous island was gorgeous but definitely seemed hotter than Bali. Our transportation service had another driver pick us up to take us around the island. Even though we were in a car, I was scared the whole time as the island’s roads are much smaller than Bali. But to my surprise, there were no accidents.

We went to Kelingking Beach, Angels Billabong, and Broken Beach

Go To The Less Populated Beaches in South Bali

Our diver took us to a resort where we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the beach and had a photoshoot in the water and at the pool the resort had. I have to say, this was the most relaxed I had been the entire trip and I wasn’t sweating for once.

Watch A Fire Dance

We went to the Uluwatu Temple to watch the Fire dance! It was lit…literally 🤣 We had a ton of fun and got to enjoy the sunset as we watched the show.

what to do in Bali, Indonesia

Catch A Flight To Nearby Countries

We caught a cheap flight to Singapore, we only stayed for 10 hours, read about our day trip here!

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