How To Have An Amazing Trip To Lake Tahoe, California On A Budget

south lake tahoe

My family and I wanted to do something special to bring everyone together. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are lucky enough to be close to many beautiful attractions. We decided that Lake Tahoe would be the perfect winter destination because we get to enjoy some fun in the snow. We booked the Air BnB about two months in advance, reserved a jeep a week in advance, and packed our bags the day before (last-minute packing is the best, right?) We chose to stay in South Lake Tahoe because we heard it was the prime location to stay since you have everything you need within minutes of each other. The cabin itself was beautiful; there was plenty of space for everyone to maneuver around comfortably and the home was equipped with a hot tub, huge kitchen, multiple TV’s with Netflix ready to go and 4 full bathrooms.

How to make the best of your Tahoe trip with a limited amount of time and on a budget:

1. Go Grocery Shopping: By going to the local Raley’s and Safeway, we were able to save a ton of money by not eating out for every meal. We had a household of 11 people and was able to feed everyone for 2 days for under $200.

2. Find Free Activities: Not going to lie, our original plan was to ski and snowboard in Tahoe but once we saw the prices, we quickly changed our mind. Instead, we asked a local about some free sites to go to. We were recommended to go to Emerald Bay to see Eagle Falls. It was about a 20-minute car ride from our Air BnB. Once there, we ‘enjoyed’ a dangerous, slippery walk next to the waterfall. I would stick to just walking on the trail and not scaling the rocks next to the waterfall. The rocks were super slippery and I was terrified as I was going up and I pretty much slid down the mountain as I was trying to safely climb down.

3. Go Sledding: Our Air BnB was equipped with 4 sleds for use during our stay and we definitely took advantage of them. After hiking Eagle Falls, we drove south where we found the perfect slopes for sledding across the street from Inspiration Point. This was definitely the highlight of the trip! Everyone had a blast and we were able to avoid major injuries.

4. Bring Board Games & Cards: There’s nothing like playing Uno in front of the fireplace with the ones you love. We added a little twist to Uno and played in teams which made for a very interesting game. Classic, free, family-friendly fun.Black Card Revoked

5. Take a hike, enjoy the view: We were recommended by a local to go to what he considered the best view in Tahoe, Cave Rock. The only catch was that it was a 15-minute hike with some legit rock climbing towards the end. The views were breathtaking and worth the hike. At the top, you can see the entire lake and snowcapped mountains in the background. 10/10 recommend doing this!

south lake Tahoe

And that pretty much sums up what my family did during our 2 day trip to Lake Tahoe. We all had fun without breaking the bank and made memories that will last a lifetime. I hope this has been informative and helpful for when you consider planning your family trip to Tahoe.
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