How to Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget

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I’ve never been one to spend a ton of money during the holidays or days like Mother’s Day. I always felt that the prices would conveniently increase around the time of the holidays and it felt like such a scam and rip off. Growing up, instead of spending $100 on my mom for Mother’s Day by going out to a restaurant and then buying her a gift, I got creative. And now that I am a mom myself, I still like to celebrate Mother’s Day without spending much money. Whether you need ideas for your mom or wife or maybe even yourself, here is how you can spend Mother’s Day without spending your whole paycheck and most of the ideas don’t require you to leave your home.

Breakfast in Bed

It’s free and fun and what woman doesn’t love to be fed in bed? You can make her favorite breakfast and even add a mimosa to wash it down with. Get the kids involved too! You can have them help or at least be there when you present it to her. If you want to do this for your own mother, you can order food and have it delivered to her house – this works great if she doesn’t live near you.

Make a Slideshow and Look Through Old Photos

Pictures are a great way to bond and reminisce. iPhones have a great feature on the Photos app that creates slideshows with music for you based on the pictures you select. Or you can keep it classic and go down memory lane by looking through photo albums.

Create a Customized Coupon Book

A customized coupon book is something you create with ‘coupons’ to be redeemed by the person you give it to. It’s just like a real coupon book that you would use in the grocery store. This is such a fun idea that only requires some creativity and time to redeem the coupons. An example of some coupons are car wash, massage, clean entire house, a personal butler for the day, etc.

Make a Poem or a Song

When my sister and I were younger, we would always makeup songs or put on plays for our mother and aunt. It was always fun to create the skit or song and it cost us nothing but time. One year, we even made a video and gave a copy to my mom and aunt to watch later. If you’re creative, Mother’s Day is a time to shine light on your artist’s side.

Have a Picnic

The weather around Mother’s Day is usually warm and sunny so the past couple of years my mom, son, sister, aunt, and I would go to the Rose Garden in Oakland and have a picnic. We would either make the food at home or buy a sandwich and snacks from a local deli. In my opinion, holidays are really about spending time with family and a picnic outdoors is perfect for that.

Make a Card

I have always been a sensitive, sentimental type. Needless to say, I love a handwritten, homemade letter. It always means so much when people make your gifts versus buying them in the store because you know that there was more effort involved. In my opinion, you’re never too old to make your mom or wife a card. It’s a sweet gesture that is heartfelt and cheap!

Create a Spa Day at Home

You can paint her nails, run her bath water and then give her a foot massage. All accompanied by some wine and cheese. If you really want to create the ultimate relaxing vibes, turn down the lights, light a candle and use some essential oil-infused body oil when giving her a massage.

Run Errands for Her

If she has things on her to-do-list, you can offer to do them for her, so she can stay at home and relax. This is also good to add to her coupon book if you decide to make that.

Cook Dinner for Her

Why not get fancy at home? Tell her to dress up and meet you in the dining room at 7. You can create a menu with a 3-course meal. Start with a salad, and then the main course and end with dessert. All with a side of champagne of course.

Have a Photo Shoot and Then Print the Pictures

You can tell her that you want to take pictures of you guys a few days before Mother’s Day and then print them and place them in a frame to give them to her.

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