How I Gained Confidence In The Gym


When I first started my fitness journey last year, I was extremely intimidated. From the muscle heads that scream every time they finish a rep to the women that seem to have the perfect bodies. On top of feeling intimidated, I had no idea what I was doing! I had no workout plan and didn’t know how to operate the equipment. It took a few months to get over those feelings of intimidation but now you can find me confidently in my booty shorts crushing my workout.

My confidence came from a few things:

๐ŸŒปDevelop a workout ahead of time

I can’t stress this enough, but not only do you have a more productive gym session when you have a plan, but you avoid looking like you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym. I have a designated schedule for Monday-Friday where I work on a specific muscle group each day.

๐ŸŒปAsk for help

Closed mouths don’t get fed and pretending like you know what you’re doing can lead to injuries. The staff in my gym were extremely helpful when I didn’t know what I was doingm and I didn’t hesitate to ask them for help. Sometimes you can even ask a fellow gym memeber what exercise they are doing if it seems like something you would like to do as well. YouTube can be helpful sometimes too but I wouldn’t rely on it 100% becasue there isn’t anyone physically there to correct your form.

๐ŸŒปGet a personal trainer

Often times gyms have promotions for a free training session. The trainer can assess your goals and teach you proper techniques. If you have the bank, you can continue training sessions. I’m lucky enough to be married to a personal trainer so I always have someone to consult to.

๐ŸŒปWorkout with a buddy

Ain’t nothing like struggling with a friend that’s struggling too and figuring it out together. When I first joined the gym, I went with a friend. We didn’t really know what we were doing but it was less embarrassing because we had one another.

๐ŸŒปChange your way of thinking

When it really comes down to it, who cares what you look like? You just being in the gym is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of. Try to have a positive mindset when you go to the gym and remember that you have to start somewhere – but at least you started.
Okay now, you’re ready to crush your fitness goals – summer bodies are made all year long!

Stay flourishing!

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