Essential Oils For Beginners And How To Use Them

essential oils for beginners

When I first was learning about making natural skincare and hair products, a recurring topic always appeared, essential oils. Every article I read for recipes on how to make my own shea butter always included an essential oil or two.

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I thought back to the first time I even heard of essential oils and it was when my son was born. Everyone suggested that I buy a diffuser and lavender to soothe him while he sleeps. As a new mom, I would try anything someone suggested to me so I went on Amazon and bought a diffuser that came with two essential oils, Lavender and Eucalyptus. 

Fast forward to years later, they have become...essential in my daily routine. They’re in recipes I put on my skin and hair and even how I fragrance my home! 

This blog post will inform you of:

  • Some uses of essential oils
  • The properties and benefits of popular essential oils
  • Different recipes using essential oils

Safety warning: Essential oils come directly from the plant and for that reason, they are not dilute. Always dilute or mix essential oils with a carrier oil. Do not consume or apply essential oils directly to your skin. To ensure you are not allergic, test a small area on your skin before using. Consult a medical professional before use if you are pregnant, taking any medication, or have any medical conditions.

How To Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy: This is the most used method for using essential oils. They can be added to your bath, added to a diffuser, used in a candle, and more! We’ll get into the different properties and benefits of different essential oils but using them for aromatherapy is extremely relaxing. 

Skin Care: When diluted with carrier oils or body butter, essential oils make a great addition to your skincare routine. Add them to your favorite lotion or make your own mix of oils to use on your skin! They are also great to add in a massage oil mix!

Hair Care: Similarly to skincare, essential oils can also be beneficial to your hair health as well. Mix up some essential oils with some carrier oils and you got yourself the perfect hair oil catered for your hair. 

Cleaning: Certain essential oils can be great at deodorizing, cleaning your home, and even washing your fruit and veggies.

Health Benefits: While you should always consult your doctor and seek advice from a medical professional, essential oils also have great health benefits. As mentioned previously, essential oils can be used for aromatherapy that can in turn relieve stress and anxiety. Additionally, they are also great for an energy boost, soothing scrapes and wounds, and even inflammation. 

A Breakdown Of The ‘Essential’ Essential Oils

Lavender: A true staple, this oil has many relaxing and soothing properties. Can also be applied topically to get rid of blemishes.

Eucalyptus: The antimicrobial properties make Eucalyptus great for anti-inflammatory, deodorant, and antiseptic application. It is also a great addition to aromatherapy as this essential oil provides a relaxing and soothing environment similar to Lavender. 

Cedarwood: Deodorizes, provides relaxation, and even repels insects! Can be used topically on the skin to reduce inflammation and dryness. This essential oil is also great to add to your face oils as it gets rid of acne-causing bacteria. Cedarwood is also great at aiding with the circulation to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. 

Ylang Ylang: This essential oil is usually seen with a number next to it that specifies how many times it has been distilled. This oil has great calming and healing properties, can be used for hair and skin, regulates oil production and reduces irritations. It is also great for enhancing circulation and stimulating hair growth. 

Rosehip Seed: Super hydrating and full of omega fatty acids perfect for dry skin.

Tea Tree: Contains anti-fungal properties great for eliminating bacteria and treating wounds. This oil can also be used as cleaning products, cosmetically, and even has calming properties for aromatherapy. 

Marula: This oil is great to tighten your pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles because it is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and amino acids. 

Frankincense: Like many essential oils, Frankincense acts as an anti-inflammatory. The astringent and cytophylactic properties also make it great for any diy body oils.

Geranium: My personal favorite oil used to balance hormones, relieve stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation and more! With a wonderful floral smell, this oil makes a staple in aromatherapy and can fade scars and reduce wrinkles all in one!

Peppermint: Often used to stimulate your mind and provide focus and can also be used topically for a cooling sensation. 

Lemon: Great in cleaning products, hair, and skin products due to it’s fresh smell and purifying properties. If applying topically, avoid any contact with the sun for at least 24 hours due to the citrus causing photosensitivity. 

Patchouli: This essential oil promotes healthy skin and strong hair. When used in aromatherapy, this oil is great for balancing and winding down before bed. 

Palmarosa: A floral fragrance great for an air freshener and aromatherapy as it reduces discomfort and fights against depression and anxiety. Use this oil on your skin for balance, repairing damaged and wrinkled skin, and hydrating. 

Sandalwood: This comforting oil will reduce anxiety and prevent insomnia. It tightens skin and fades scars. You can also use this oil to strengthen the hair roots and prevent dandruff. 

Rosemary: Rosemary is an infamous fragrance that acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces stress and anxiety! It provides clarity and concentration, perfect for aromatherapy before a test or exam!

Carrot Seed: Repairs skin damage and stimulates circulation. This essential oil also has rejuvenating and repairing effects. An absolute essential in any diy body oils!

Helichrysum: This essential oil is great for aiding to injuries, skin inflammation, and healing wounds. 

Red Raspberry: Works as a natural sunscreen and great for the overall health of your skin. I love to add this into my DIY body butters and body oil!

Different Recipes Using Essential Oils

Safety Warning: When using essential oils, be sure to properly dilute them! As a general rule, maintain 1-3% dilution. 6 drops of essential oil and 1oz of the carrier equals 1% dilution. Always test before use and consult a medical professional before use if you are pregnant, taking any medication, or have any medical conditions. 

Some of my favorite carrier oils are: Castor oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, and coconut oil. 

Also keep in mind that oil and water don’t mix so you’ll need to add either rubbing alcohol, vodka, witch hazel or similar product to mix everything up. 

Air Freshener

8 ounces Distilled Water

2 tbsp Rubbing Alcohol

12-24 drops essential oil Lavender, Lemon, eucalyptus, or any essential oil that you love.

Eucalyptus Shower Spray

4 ounces distilled water

2 ounces witch hazel

24-48 drops Eucalyptus

Bathroom Cleaner

8 ounces water

2 tbsp baking soda

20-30 drops Lemon essential oil

Essential oils are a part of my everyday life and as I use them in just about every part of my day! From cleaning to self-care, essential oils are key in my routine. I hope that this post has helped you incorporate some of them into your life!

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  1. I’ve always loved the idea of essential oils, but have put off the idea of doing any type of practice or discovering more about essential oils for years because of interest in other things.
    I loved reading this post, and learning about different types oils that can be used for different things. I think I might pull out my diffuser now! Thank you!!! <3

    1. Great! I’m glad you found this helpful! There are so many uses for essential oils. Using them in a diffuser is a great start!

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