Eating Healthy When On A Road Trip

eating healthy when on a road trip

Road trips are notorious for being the time when you buy all your favorite snacks and prepare for hours in the car. 2020 has been dubbed the year of the road trip since many countries are closed to tourists. Many people are packing up the cars, heading to places they’ve always wanted to go in their country, and of course buying all the snacks their heart desires. This poses a huge problem if you’re on a fitness journey like me and are trying to change your habits. Eating healthy when on a road trip can be difficult.

Today I’ll show you how I ensure that I practice good eating habits while on the road.

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Do Your Research

If you know the route you are going to take for your road trip, you can plan what restaurants and stores you want to go to. I am a heavy user of Yelp and I am always trying to find new restaurants to eat at, especially when I am going to a new area. 

If you already know some healthy options ahead of time, you won’t be rushing to find something to eat at the last minute. This gives you time to choose any restaurants with better options. 

Once at the restaurant, be sure to choose the healthier options or at least get some vegetables in on the side. 

Bring Healthy Snacks

If you aren’t driving through any major cities on your road trip, then finding healthy options could be difficult. When my family drives from the SF Bay Area to Los Angeles, there are almost no healthy options. There are only fast food and gas station markets to choose from. 

To ensure that you are eating healthy when on a road trip, you can bring your own food! There are many non-perishable items such as nuts, granola bars, etc., that you can bring along with you on your trip. 

You can even bring a small cooler, fill with ice, and put all your favorite fruits and veggies in there! I love this option because it really leaves no room for excuses when it comes to picking the right food choices. Meal prep some healthy options and you’re good to go!

Dry Foods



Roasted Chickpeas


Whole Grain Cereal

Dried Fruit


What To Put In The Cooler



Hard-Boiled Eggs






For more recipe ideas, check here!

Drink Plenty Of Water

I know, I know, the last person you want to be on a road trip is the one that needs to pull over to use the restroom every hour. But, you have to do what’s necessary and drinking water definitely is. Our mind can sometimes play tricks on us and convince us that we are hungry but really all we need is to drink more water.

Water is essential for any lifestyle or fitness journey you’re on so be sure to keep your water supply stocked while in the car.

Now you’re ready for a healthy and nutritious adventure! Safe travels and happy road tripping! 

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6 thoughts on “Eating Healthy When On A Road Trip”

  1. When going on a road trip, I will usually eat anything unhealthy lol but you provide good snacks to take with you on the road trip so you still have room in case you stop for dinner or lunch! And water is a definite must for sure. Thanks for sharing xxx

    1. I am definitely guilty of still bringing a few of my favorite treats but balance is everything! Thank you for reading!

  2. I definitely do like to treat myself on road trips and travel destinations, but I do try to bring as many healthy snack alternatives. You mentioned some great ones! My guilty pleasure would have to be kettle corn PopCorners, but it’s a better alternative to chips for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love those chips! I’ll eat the whole bag if I don’t control myself but I agree, they are better than other chips out there!

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