Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Even though mothers should be celebrated all year round, on this special day, we treat our mothers extra special. The one day when she should be pampered from the time she wakes up, to the time she goes to sleep. But what do you get the mom who already has everything? Or maybe every year she says she doesn’t want anything but you want to make her feel special. Over the years I have learned to get creative when thinking of gifts for my mother. Below you will learn how you can gift your mother the most unforgettable and creative gifts.

Care Package

Buy a basket from the store and fill it with all her favorite goodies. Candy, bath bombs, makeup, perfume, tea, books, socks, candles, gift cards, cookies, etc. You can dress the basket up by adding ribbon from the craft store and make bows. You can also use colored wrapping tissue and paper confetti to jazz it up a bit to.

Trip to the Spa

The spa is the ultimate relaxing gift. If it isn’t too much on your pockets, book a massage for both you and your mother to enjoy, Most spas allow you to have access to hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms when you purchase a service so you can spend all day at the spa! If the spa allows, you can also bring some snacks and wine to really set the vibe.

Shopping Day

Take your mom to a city she doesn’t go to often and spend the day shopping. You can offer to buy some things for her that she picks out but if that isn’t in your budget you can just be the best stylist and personal assistant as your mom shops. You can have her try on clothes she usually wouldn’t wear and take fun silly pictures of her as she tries them on.

Picnic Brunch

This is a twist to the typical Mother’s Day brunch. Instead of going to an overcrowded restaurant on Mother’s Day, order food from her favorite restaurant and take it to the beach or park to enjoy. If you want to save money you can prepare the food at home and pack it up to eat at your chosen destination.

Wine Tasting

If your mother enjoys wine, going to a few wineries for Mother’s Day is a great idea. You can plan in advanced wineries to go to that are close to one another and wine taste all day. After you’ve done all your tasting and determined your favorite one, you can buy it for your mother to enjoy at home.

Another way to wine taste and celebrate multiple mothers in your life is to invite them over to your home for wine tasting. You can purchase a few bottles of wine that are new to you and you know your guests haven’t tried yet. This is a fun alternative that is easier on the bank.

Have a Photo Shoot

You can book a photo shoot and tell all the important people in your mother’s life to join. You all can coordinate colors or even match to make for a beautiful family portrait. You will be creating memories that last a lifetime and your mother will have pictures of her and her loved ones.

Weekend Getaway

Spend some quality time with your mom and book a weekend getaway. You can find locations nearby and drive there or you can get fancy and book a flight. Some ideas for a weekend getaway are a beach trip, visit wineries, go to the city, and even staycations.

Purchase or Make Personalized Items

There are plenty of websites and shops that will custom-make anything of your choosing. You can have a blanket made with all of your mother’s children’s faces on it, get her name embroidered on some jewelry, or even have some cookies created that have words that describe her. The options are endless, and they will all make your mother feel special.

If you are artistic or just want to save money, you can get creative and make your own custom items to gift to your mother!

Happy Hour

If you and your mother enjoy alcohol, you can do some research on cute bars that have happy hour and enjoy some cocktails with your mother. I love to find bars with a nice view to enjoy the sunset. Make sure to look good so you can take some bomb pictures together.

Dinner Date

Get dressed up and take your mother on a date! Tell her you’ll pick her up at 7 and to wear her favorite dress and take her out for a night of her dreams. If you want to be more budget-friendly, you can still tell her to get fancy but instead prepare a 3-course meal at home! You can get the vibes right by lighting some candles, pop some wine, and playing some soft music in the background. After all, moms do deserve to be wined and dined, right.

Sip & Paint

This idea has been rising in popularity over the past few years and I see why. Who wouldn’t want to paint while tipsy! Make sure you book the session in advance and read the small print to see if you have to bring your own wine or not. If you want to save some money and celebrate multiple moms in your life, you can create your own sip and paint in your home. Buy some cheap canvases, paint, and paintbrushes and enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget the wine.

Take a Class Together

You and your mother can enjoy a cooking class, yoga class, ceramics class or whatever else you find that would interest both you and your mother. Taking a class together is great for bonding especially when you both are learning a new skill.

There you have it, 12 ideas to gift your mother with for Mother’s Day that are fun and creative. These ideas are less about the material item and more about spending quality time with your mother. After all, spending time with your mother is a priceless, everlasting gift that will always be appreciated.

Take care of your moms

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