Coyote Point: West of the Bay Marina

Coyote Point is a marina in the west side of the San Francisco Bay Area that has it all in San Mateo, California. From a gigantic park, windsurfing gear rentals, amazing trails by the Bay, and more! Coyote Point is a great location to host parties or to just enjoy an outing with the family. They have huge grassy fields, rocky beaches, and a science playground & zoo next door! 
coyote point marina
Upon entry to Coyote Point, you’ll need to pay $6 per car to park. I didn’t notice any free parking within reasonable walking distance to the entrance so plan ahead. After you pay, on the left is the parking lot closest to the Magic Mountain Playground, the Beach Center for rentals, and several picnic areas. As a county maintained park, there are several bathrooms, showers, and water fountains. 
coyote point marina
coyote point marina

If you are coming here with your children, the Magic Mountain Playground is amazing! It’s a huge playground in the shape of a castle. There’s even a few giant dragons. There is also a giant slide and a separate smaller playground for younger children. 

If you continue straight after you pay, shortly, you’ll notice another parking lot on the left. This parking lot is closest to the beach access. Continuing to the third parking lot on the left, you can gain access to the Cove Trail and going all the way down Coyote Point Drive will take you to Coyote Point Marina and the Shoreline Trail. 

coyote point marina

Along the Shoreline and Bay Trail you can see views of the San Francisco Bay and even boats coming and going into the marina. If you choose to come to Coyote Point for the beach, keep in mind the water isn’t the clearest and the ‘sand’ is more rocky than it is sandy. The beach area is also only a few hundred feet so it can get crowded fast on hot days. 

If you plan to host a party here and want to also include a jumper, keep in mind that coyote point will charge you an additional $90 on top of your picnic area reservation. 

You can fish, reserve a picnic area, and even go swimming  all at Coyote Point! I hope this has helped you plan your next trip to San Mateo!

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coyote point marina
coyote point marina

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