Claremont Canyon: A Panoramic Hill 6 Mile Loop

The Panoramic Hill loop at Claremont Canyon is a moderate to intense 6.2-mile hike. You’ll need hiking shoes for this hike as the trail gets extremely steep at certain points and there is loose gravel. Bring water, some snacks, and be prepared to see one of the best views of the Bay Area

Claremont Canyon

Getting To Claremont Canyon

There are quite a few entrances into this regional park but to hike this particular loop, park on Stonewall Road. Put 99 Stonewall Rd, Berkeley, CA into your GPS. Parking is very limited as this entrance is on a windy road neighborhood. If you come early, around 7 am, you’ll be lucky to find a park. If not, you’ll have to park on Claremont Ave. After parking, begin your hike starting on the Panoramic Hill trail. 

Claremont Canyon

There are no restrooms or water fountains.

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About The Panoramic Hill Loop at Claremont Canyon

The first half of the hike is the hardest part. There are many inclines with loose gravel. Luckily, there are benches at the peaks where you can rest and enjoy the view. The second half of the hike is mostly flat or downhill. Also note that if you’re are coming early morning, the trail may be wet and slippery. Take caution when going downhill as I slipped several times. 

Claremont Canyon

The trails are not labeled and it can be confusing to know if you’re on the right track. I suggest downloading the All Trails app to follow the trail. There are detailed, step-by-step instructions on when to turn. I still had service on my phone so I was able to check my maps to ensure I was on the right trail. At times the trail may also seem to disappear. You’ll have to duck under trees and avoid poison oak. If this is your kind of adventure then, this won’t challenge you at all. 

Claremont Canyon
Claremont Canyon

Final Tips About Claremont Canyon

Some hikers have suggested doing this hike in reverse as the inclines aren’t as intense. Also, if you come early morning, you’ll be in the thick of the Bay Area fog. The fog usually burns off by late morning though. As for any hike, be mindful of wildlife. Mountain lions and rattlesnakes in particular. If you come in the Spring, you’ll see some beautiful California Poppys!

Overall, the Panoramic Hill loop at Claremont Canyon is a great hike and intense leg workout. I wouldn’t suggest it to beginners and hiking shoes are necessary. Bring a friend with this hike as it can be dangerous at certain points. 

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