Breaking Up With Friends

How To See The Positive In A Friendship Ending

These past few months have been crazy good and crazy bad – a true emotional rollercoaster. I have been invited to so many amazing opportunities and at the same time, someone I considered a best friend, wasn’t there to celebrate my victories with me. I was confused, hurt, lost and angry. I couldn’t understand why my friendship with one of my closest friends was coming to an end. After a few weeks of trying to repair our relationship, it was evident that we grew apart – and that’s okay. Sometimes people in our lives are temporary or are only here for a season.

Nothing really changed between us except for our interests changed. Sometimes when you no longer share common interests with someone, it becomes harder for them to become a priority in your life. In my case, I was really occupied with launching my blog, booking trips and chasing a toddler. I wasn’t going out to hang out and party with friends as much and unfortunately, that is when my friend and I hung out the most. What hurt the most is that all my other friends and family members understood why I was so busy and they supported me 100%, but this friend didn’t. Sometimes when friends don’t support your vision or don’t share your ambition, you have to make room for people who do – and that’s okay too.

I felt empty at first, especially looking back at our old pictures. The end of a friendship is really like the end of a romantic relationship – you cry, get angry, resist the urge to blow up their phone, and then eventually, you move on. You remember that the end of a friendship isn’t always a negative thing – the universe has a way of working things out. I’m taking this ‘loss’ as a win. I’m a strong believer in energy and vibes and I think the universe was clearing out the negativity and non-supporters of my vision.

I sleep like a baby at night knowing that everyone in my circle is cheering for me and genuinely wants me to succeed. Shoutout to my mama, sister, hubby, Gigi, and all the amazing people I have met online since launching my blog, y’all the real MVP’s and thank you for your unconditional support, it means the world to me. ❤️

I have a podcast episode with my friend Gigi on this exact topic if you want to hear more about it!

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♡ Monique

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