Best Rose Garden in the SF Bay Area

Oakland Rose Garden

The Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, California is one of the most beautiful rose gardens I’ve ever been to. This rose garden is definitely my favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are multiple entrances to this rose garden but the main entrance is at 700 Jean Street. You’ll have to park in the residential neighborhood as there is no parking lot. Be sure to read the signs before you park to ensure your car will still be there when you get back! There is no entry fee and the garden is open as long as the sun is out!

morcom rose garden, Oakland, California
morcom rose garden, Oakland, California

Rose gardens are great locations to have picnics, take graduation pictures, and even get married. While the gardens are beautiful all year round, the best time to go is Spring and Summer as that is when the roses are in full bloom. Taking a trip to your local rose garden is also a great way to spend Mother’s Day. My family and I have made it a tradition to visit the rose garden every year with my family.

There is a round-a-bout that you can drive through to pick up or drop off any passengers. The rose garden is wheelchair accessible but it can get steep in the upper part of the garden. There is a bathroom, plenty of benches, and a water fountain if you get thirsty. There are signs that say no dogs allowed but I have seen so many dogs there so I don’t think it’s safe to say visitors don’t abide by that rule.

The garden itself is absolutely beautiful and the roses are so fragrant that you can smell them as soon as you enter. You can easily spend a couple of hours here by smelling the hundreds of roses this garden has. There is also a pond in the center and a waterfall. The waterfall hasn’t had water in it the last two times I visited but maybe you’ll get lucky when you go.

morcom rose garden, Oakland, California

There are a bunch of wild animals that roam the gardens, especially the wild turkeys. Once when I was eating my lunch, minding my business, a giant turkey comes up from behind me all in my business. Naturally, I freaked out trying to protect myself…and my food. Of course, the turkey followed me and we played this interesting chasing game for about a minute. I also witnessed the same turkey chase around other visitors of the garden so I wasn’t alone in the…fun.

morcom rose garden, Oakland, California

Overall, the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland is the perfect place to go for a date or a picnic with the family. You can even get your sweat on by running up one of the many staircases. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your camera because there are thousands of photo opps!

morcom rose garden, Oakland, California

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