Balancing Time as a Work From Home Mom

Use Block Scheduling to Make the Most Out Of Your Day

I have been working from home full time as my son’s school has closed and I have no other options for child care. Long story short, my time is limited. I felt like I was doing so much during the day but not really accomplishing anything because I was trying to do a million things at once. I felt like I was using my time poorly, not having one-on-one time with my son and my work quality was going down. Things started to turn around when I tapped into block scheduling.

I had first heard of the idea of block scheduling when I became a Program Supervisor for a non-profit. It was my first time being a supervisor and running a program and my boss shared a couple of helpful tips with me to help manage my job. Essentially, block scheduling is planning your day according to time blocks (ex: 8-10 am, 11-1 pm …etc). By block scheduling, you can ensure you’re giving your best self to produce quality for all the things you have going in your life. If you have scheduled to work on a specific task, block scheduling will help you get rid of any distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Scheduling my day has been a GAME CHANGER! I am able to get work done for my blog, podcast, my actual paying job, spend time with my son, AND eat! I plan my day the previous night, so I’m ready to go the following day. I use an old-school paper planner to write out my schedule for that day.  Below you will find an example of a typical weekday for me.

5 am – 8 am: Blog Work

Write blog posts, brainstorm, content ideas, etc.

8 am – 9 am: Breakfast and Shower

By this time my son is waking up, so I make breakfast and we eat together, then we get dressed

I also turn on my work phone and respond to work emails

9 am – 11 am: ‘School time’ with my son

Learning and a fun activity afterwards

11 am – 12 pm: Screen time for son, work time for mom

While my son is on his iPad, I make any calls that I need to make for work

Need ideas for more activities for your kids to do while you work? Check here.

12 pm – 1 pm: Lunch and Walk outside

After we eat lunch, we walk to our community park

1 pm – 2 pm: Son takes a nap, mom workouts

While my son sleeps, I begin my workout in the living room

(Sometimes, I workout when I take my son to the park and use this time for social media)

Be sure to check out my fitness blog posts to get some workout inspo!

2 pm – 3 pm: Work time

My son usually takes a 2-hour nap, so I use the last hour to make more phone calls for work

3 pm – 6 pm: Blog Work

I set my son up with some independent play activities or he plays with his dad

I like to finish up any blog posts that I need to complete or edit my website

6 pm – 10 pm: Family time

We cook dinner together, eat, go on a walk, watch a movie. Whatever we decide to do, we do as a family, uninterrupted by our phones or work.

10 pm – 12 am: Podcast Work

Any work that needs to be done pertaining to the podcast.

Okay, I know this is a long day that only leaves like 5 hours for me to sleep but it works for me for now. As you can tell…I’m busy. But I’m organized. My day doesn’t seem as hectic when I schedule my day this way and I get wayyyy more done. I like to schedule my block schedule using hours but I have also seen it done according to your child’s schedule (morning, outdoor time, nap, afternoon, etc.) However you decide to set up your block schedule, just know it’s going to be a life-changer.

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