Alviso: An Escape from the Busy Silicon Valley

Alviso Marina county park

Silicon Valley located in the San Francisco Bay area is filled with tons of tech companies and start-up businesses. With all the commotion of Levi Stadium, the Santa Clara Convention Center and Great America, it’s nice to be able to escape to nature and catch a breeze.

Alviso marina county park

Alviso Marina County Park is a 20.6-acre marina park that is connected to the trails at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Alviso Slough trail.

Located in Alviso, San Jose, California, the Alviso Marina County Park is adjacent to Milpitas and 15 minutes North of central San Jose. Alviso is at the most southern part of the bay and overlooks salt ponds and marshlands. There is no entry fee or parking fee but they do close the parking lot at sunset so be mindful so your car won’t be locked in the parking lot. Bikes, boats, and even kayaks are allowed at the marina and it is also a great place to bring the family as the walk is flat and mostly even.

Alviso marina county park

According to the website, dogs are only allowed in the picnic area and pathways but not the actual trails. There are restrooms available, picnic tables, and a water fountain. Fishing is only allowed from boats and not from the shore. There are also signs that state to not enter the salt ponds or disrupt the wildlife.

Once you park you will see a few boardwalks that will lead you through a walkway to the trail and water. The Alviso Marina County Park also offers free boat tours of the marshland that you can sign up for on the county’s website.

As mentioned earlier, the walk itself is pretty falt and there is no shade. Also, be mindful of bikes that may be passing by so you won’t get run off the trail! While walking you can enjoy the beautiful wildlife and observe some interesting birds.

Alviso marina county park

This marina is the perfect place to escape the busy tech life or just relax with friends and family. It is peaceful, not overly crowded and the perfect location to take a break from work. When I visited, I even had a photoshoot as the serene backdrop of the marsh and the yellow walkways make for an interesting picture. Another fun fact is that there is a private property right before you enter the park gate and on the property is an abandoned boat. We had fun guessing what happened or what went wrong with that boat trip and took some pictures as well.

I hope this has helped you plan your next trip to the Alviso Marina County park the next time you’re in Silicon Valley or just looking for something different to enjoy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Alviso marina county park

Alviso marina county park

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