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Hey, I’m Monique or you can call me Mo!

You can most likely find me on a hike somewhere or planning my next vacation. I am passionate about discovering new places even if that means I not leaving my home state, California. I am an advocate for self-love – which for me also includes discovering your passion and continuous growth.

I created this blog to share my passions – traveling the world, wellness, and adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope that I can inspire others to discover what they are passionate about and go after it and realize that they can do everything that they love.

FlourishWithMo was also created to build a community that entails helping one another grow by sharing our perspectives and experiences.  I believe life is a journey with endless growth and blooming potential! With that being said, I want to interact with you all as well! Comment your thoughts on the blog post or you can message me on Instagram or email. Creating this blog was wayyy out of my comfort zone but knowing that I can at least encourage one person is worth a little discomfort.

Oh yeah, a little disclaimer, I’m in no way a professional, everything on my blog is simply my journey and experience. I hope you can find something here that resonates with you and encourages a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you as we grow together. 

You can read more about my disclaimers and privacy policy here.

Dying to know more about me? Listen to my lifestyle podcast with my friend Gigi. We focus on the topics that are uncomfortable to talk about pertaining to sex, relationships, religion, and more! Be sure to tune in!

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