8 Way To Be Productive With Your Free Time


Balancing mom-life, work-life, social life, and time to myself is an ongoing task that I work at daily and I don’t often have free time. But, the rare occasions I do, I like to take FULL advantage of them. Here are 8 things I do when I have some downtime and want to be productive.

1. Declutter

Who says Spring cleaning only has to happen in the Spring? Decluttering your home can be done all year long and it’s a great way to not only clear your house but also your mind. I don’t know about you but when my home is clean, my mind is clearer.

I always start with my closets. By making two piles;, a donation pile and a trash pile, I will toss anything that I haven’t worn in months or don’t see myself wearing anytime soon. Anything goes when I’m cleaning out my closet…shoes, purses, clothes, you name it! If I have a more expensive item that I don’t want to donate, I will post it on a resale app such as OfferUp or Mercari to see if I can get some cash for it. I always feel so productive when my house is clean.

2. Learn Some New Recipes

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal and there’s no better time to learn something new than when you have some extra time to learn it! I love going on Pinterest to search for a recipe to make for my family. It’s fun to even get experimental in the kitchen and create your own masterpiece. A fun challenge that we also like to do is to create a new meal out of whatever we have in the house already. It’s a fun, challenging way to try a new recipe, but fair warning, the meals may not turn out as you hoped!

I’m personally a ramen fanatic but I don’t always like spending $15 on a bowl of soup. One of my goals is to learn how to make ramen…I’m talking about making the noodles from scratch and everything!

3. Learn a New Hobby

No time like the present to pick up that guitar you’ve been meaning to learn how to use for months. I’ve been playing with photoshop in my free time, so I can learn how to edit pictures better. I take advantage of YouTube to give me quick tips as well as Udemy, an online tool that has thousands of courses on different topics, including photoshop!

4. Read a Book

I have about 3 books that I have started but never passed a few pages…not because they aren’t interesting but simply because I haven’t had the time. Some of the books that have been on my to-do list are Becoming By Michelle Obama, Dear Female Founder edited by Lu Li, and Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D.

5. Explore a new area

Getting some fresh air is always a good idea. Something that I love to do is to look at Yelp and look at new restaurants or cafe’s and go to them. After I’m done eating, I’ll explore the neighborhood and usually find more cool places to check out. I have a blog post on how to find new areas to explore, locally!

6. Self-Care

This should go without saying but you have to take care of yourself…especially if you have some free time. Take a bath, drink some wine, do a face mask. Or participate in one of my favorite forms of self-care, goal mapping and listening to motivational podcasts. I wrote a whole blog post on Self-Care for boss women and you can read that here

7. Exercise

Moving your body is always productive. Just 30 minutes a day can increase your overall health, including your mind and soul! I have a few blog posts on fitness motivation and inspiration. I even include a few examples of my workouts! You can check that out here.

8. Check on family members

If you live out of town or just simply haven’t spoken to your family in a while, call them. A quick 15-minute conversation can go a long way and mean so much to your family members.

I hope this list has been helpful in giving you some ideas that you can do when you have some free time but still want to be productive.

As Always,

Stay flourishn!

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