3 Tips To Find Things To Do Locally

Whenever I thought of travel, I always thought it was just taking a plane thousands of miles away from where you lived. I never considered exploring my own backyard as travel, but I do now. One of my favorite things to do is to go to new places – there’s always something new to see, even if you don’t leave your city. Here are 3 things I do when I’m looking for something new to get into.

Tip #1: One way I find new places to explore is Yelp. I am a Yelp FANATIC! I literally use the app every day for everything. From new ramen places to eat, cafes to work and activities and events to attend. Yelp is great because you can simply type what you’re looking for and the area you want to be in and voila, you have a new adventure. You can bookmark the places you find in your collections to refer to later. Some of my collections are Ramen, Parks, Restaurants, and Bars.


Found this Ramen place on Yelp, it was 30 minutes away from my home and I explored the area after eating. (Best Ramen in the Bay Area blog post coming soon, this one gets an 8.7/10). [Santa Clara, California]


Found this hiking trail on Yelp, it was an hour drive but so worth it. This was my son’s first time hiking and he did amazing…well he did okay for being a temperamental toddler. After the hike, we went down to the town and explored the local shops and found a place to eat. (Fairfax, California)

Tip #2: Another way I find new places is Instagram, especially when I’m looking for places to shoot content for my blog. You can search for nearby locations in the search section and discover places that are close to you. It’s also great when people you follow or people on the discover page put their locations on their posts and stories. It’s like online shopping, but for adventures instead of clothes. On Instagram, I take advantage of the save feature and save certain pictures to my ‘places to go’ collection. I also have a collection for travel…but that’s generally for places that are overseas. I’ve found so many locations that are perfect for my next photoshoot on Instagram.


Got a free rose after my dinner at a restaurant I found on Instagram. Not gonna lie, the rose was the reason why I chose the restaurant, but the food was good too! (Monterey, California)

Tip #3: My last tip is to simply google ‘things to do near me’ and so much pops up from family-friendly events to nightlife activities. Often one of the search results will take you to Eventbrite (also a great website to use and they often have free events) or a website similar and you can buy tickets to events that day or in the future based on your location. I have attended countless events using this method, from women’s empowerment meetings to events for small businesses.


By using the three methods methods mentioned above, I never run out of things to do and I’m always seeing something new, even if it is right in my backyard. I hope that these tips have been helpful and have inspired you to explore your surroundings!


(side note): Groupon is also pretty cool to check out for activities. I don’t use it as often because you have to pay (gotta save my coins honey) but when I find something super discounted, I definitely jump on the deal. I have gone whiskey tasting and roller skating for a discounted price by looking on Groupon. Just be cautious of the special details when purchasing from the site, sometimes the vendor only allows you to redeem your purchase on certain days/times and the offer may expire.


As always,

Stay flourishing


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