17-Mile Drive: Must See In The Monterey Peninsula

17-mile drive

17-Mile Drive is a scenic drive located in Pebble Beach, California. 17-Mile Drive is full of tons of history, beautiful beaches, historic monuments, and the Pebble Beach golf course and resorts. This route is truly a must-see if you’re making a trip towards the Northern California coast. 

The Restless Sea at 17-Mile Drive
The Restless Sea at 17-Mile Drive

Getting to 17-Mile Drive

Getting to 17-Mile drive is fairly easy and the Highway 1 gate will start you at stop one for the self-guided tour. After taking the 68 West exit for Pebble Beach/Pacific Grove, take the second right at the round-a-bout for the Pebble Beach gate. 

Admission into the attraction is $10.50 per car and you can stay as long as you want but there are no in-n-out privileges unless you are staying in one of the hotels or you are a resident. 

bird rock at 17-Mile Drive
17-Mile Drive

Things To Do At 17-Mile Drive

After paying the entry fee, you’ll receive a self-guide brochure full of attractions and things to see inside 17-Mile Drive. They have the attractions numbered and you can easily follow the map. 

There are many iconic and historical landmarks to stop and take photos as well as restaurants to enjoy. You can easily spend an afternoon here or a whole day if you’re adventurous! There are restrooms open to the public, plenty of parking, and the Pebble Beach Visitor Center available for shopping and refreshments.  

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Spanish Bay Beach at 17-Mile Drive
Spanish Bay Beach at 17-Mile Drive

If you are following the self-guide brochure that is handed to you, then you may be overwhelmed by all of the 17 stops that are recommended. Many of them are right next to each other and some of them are more memorable than others.

Recommend Points Of Intrest

  1. Huckleberry Hill: This is the second stop but it is cool to look at the miles of trees from an elevated standpoint. There is a trail that allows you to walk a little further into the forest but the majority of the forest is preserved. 
  2. Spanish Bay Beach: This is the first stop with beach access. The sand is soft and white and it is the perfect beach to relax and have a picnic. 
  3. The Restless Sea: This destination was named after the waves that often crash against the rocks. However, when I went, the ‘restless sea’ was very calm. Nevertheless, it made for great photos. 
  4. Bird Rock: This stop definitely lives up to its name. From a distance, you can see hundreds of birds gathered on a giant rock. There are also sea lions and squirrels so this stop is perfect for any animal lovers! 
  5. The Lone Cypress: You’ve probably seen tons of pictures of this iconic spot and it’s definitely a must-see in person! 

Final Thoughts Of 17-Mile Drive

Overall, I think 17-Mile Drive is definitely worth the $10.50. This is a great attraction to add to your Highway 1 road trip and is not as crowded as many of the coastal beaches can be. There are plenty of amenities that makes 17-Mile Drive more than just a trip to the beach. And since you have to pay to get in, it’s more secluded with fewer people. 

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Happy Adventures! 

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